Qingdao hesway Industrial Co., Ltd. produces tungsten powder, tungsten carbide particles, ferrotungsten powder, alloy powder, tungsten mud fishing tackle and other products.

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Qingdao hesiway
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Qingdao hesiway
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Alloy Powder Molding Process
The molding process of alloy powder generally includes injection molding and compression molding.The press molding process requires the use of hydraulic press equipment for pressing.


How to Solve the Agglomeration of Ultrafine Alloy Powder?
The use of metal powder is a key material in the powder metallurgy industry. For example, the use of ultrafine alloy powder is a good additive in many industrial productions.


How is the Wholesale Market for Tungsten Slime Fishing Tackle?
The use of tungsten mud fishing tackle is a tool that many people who love fishing often come into contact with, but for those who do not often fish, the opportunity to use tungsten mud fishing tackle is rare, or even impossible. I don't know what tungsten mud fishing tackle is.


Screening of Alloy Powder Manufacturers
The production development of alloy powder manufacturers has a lot to do with the quality of the screening work. If the basic screening work is done well, then the development of alloy powder manufacturers will be better and better.

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