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High Purity Tungsten Powder - Qingdao Hesiway Industrial Co., Ltd.
High purity tungsten powder

1. Tungsten powder has high purity, uniform particle size and good dispersion. It is an important raw material for the production of tungsten carbide powder Tungsten carbide powder is the main raw material for processing cemented carbide and has more excellent properties.
2. Tungsten powder not only has high hardness, but also has the characteristics of wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance.
3. The melting point of tungsten is 3400 ºC. Boiling point 5555 ºC, insoluble in water, strong acid and alkali resistance.
4.The hardness of tungsten is the hardest among metals. The hardness of sintered tungsten rod is 200 ~ 250 and that of tungsten rod passing through rotary hammer is 350 ~ 400.

High purity tungsten powder
Crystalline Tungsten Powder - Qingdao Hesiway Industrial Co., Ltd.
Crystalline tungsten powder

Sieving particle size: 60~325 mesh
Appearance: Granular, steel gray, with good fluidity. ,
Loose packing density: 7.3~8.9g/cm3
Tap density: 9.0~10.5g/cm3
Hall flow rate: ≤12 S/50g
Fisher particle size:>30μm

Crystalline tungsten powder
Metal Tungsten Particle - Qingdao Hesiway Industrial Co., Ltd.
Metal tungsten particle

Molecular formula: W
Molecular weight: 183.85
Physical properties: a bright gray particles;

Metal tungsten particle
Coarse Grain Tungsten Powder - Qingdao Hesiway Industrial Co., Ltd.
Coarse grain tungsten powder

Molecular formula: W
Molecular weight: 183.85
Physical properties: gray particles

Coarse grain tungsten powder

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The Important Application of Customized Ferrotungsten Powder is to Detect the Shape of Metal Molten Pool of Electroslag Ingot
In my country's high-speed steel industry, the detection of the molten pool of electroslag ingot metal is a very important task, and in its detection work, the methods generally used are mainly sulfur printing method, wire direct insertion method, Bimetal method, numerical simulation method and tungsten block method are the main methods.


New Product Development and Production of Tungsten Cosolvents
Tungsten cosolvents are widely used. For example, when carbon and sulfur elements are detected in some non-ferrous metals, ores, etc., in order to release carbon and sulfur elements in the sample to be tested more effectively, it is usually necessary to use pure tungsten particles.


The Choice of Tungsten Powder Custom Manufacturers Should be Careful!
For many customers, tungsten powder customization is an important work content that often needs to be contacted. Because the use of tungsten powder is indispensable in the processing of the chemical industry, and there are many tungsten powders in the market, it is more suitable for the needs of customers.


Reusable Variety Tungsten Mud Fishing Weight
The use of the ever-changing tungsten mud fishing pendant is a very favorite fishing tackle for many anglers.The material of Variety tungsten mud fishing sink is mainly tungsten mud, which has a certain density advantage, so it is reasonable for tungsten mud to use such a product as a counterweight.

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