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Prealloyed Powder - Qingdao Hesiway Industrial Co., Ltd.
Prealloyed powder

Appearance: granular, steel gray, with good fluidity
Loose density: 7.3 ~ 8.9g/cm3
Compaction density: 9.0 ~ 10.5g/cm3
Hall flow rate: ≤ 12 S / 50g
Fischer particle size: > 30 μ m
Sintering temperature: 760 ~ 810 ℃
Hardness: 107 ~ 110 HRB

Prealloyed powder
Tungsten Trioxide - Qingdao Hesiway Industrial Co., Ltd.
Tungsten trioxide

Molecular formula: WO3
Molecular weight: 231.86
Specific gravity: 7.16g/cm3
Appearance: Light yellow triclinic powder crystals, light yellow heavy powder, which turns dark orange when heated, and restores its color when cold. When the temperature is higher than 740℃, it will transform into orange tetragonal crystals, which will return to the original state after cooling.

Tungsten trioxide
Tungsten Carbide Particles - Qingdao Hesiway Industrial Co., Ltd.
Tungsten carbide particles

Molecular formula: WC-Co
Appearance: granular, steel gray, with good fluidity
Loose packing density: 7.3~8.9g/cm3
Tap density: 9.0~10.5g/cm3
Hall flow rate: ≤12 S/50g
Fisher particle size: >30μm

Tungsten carbide particles

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What is tungsten mud fishing tackle?
Tungsten mud fishing tackle is not unfamiliar to many fishing enthusiasts. Compared with traditional lead sinkers, the use of tungsten mud fishing tackle is not only environmentally friendly, but also easier to sink to the bottom.


About The Preparation Of Coarse Tungsten Particles
Coarse tungsten particles is one of the types of tungsten particles, and is also referred to as pure tungsten flux.Mainly used for infrared carbon and sulfur analysis in the high-frequency furnace combustion flux, steel, alloy and other metal and non-metallic materials carbon and sulfur analysis and determination.


Are cemented carbide particles composite materials?
Speaking of cemented carbide particles, many people will feel very unfamiliar, but in fact, cemented carbide particles have a very important position in the industry.


Production and application of tungsten trioxide
Tungsten trioxide is an important material specially used for calcining reduction to produce tungsten powder and tungsten carbide powder, and then used to produce cemented carbide products, such as cutting tools and molds.

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