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Qingdao hesiway
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Ferrotungsten - Qingdao Hesiway Industrial Co., Ltd.

Chemical formula: FeW
Physical properties: the surface shall be smooth and clean, and the section and surface shall be free of significant non-metallic inclusions and rust spots.

Ferrotungsten Powder - Qingdao Hesiway Industrial Co., Ltd.
Ferrotungsten powder

Chemical formula: FeW
Appearance: granular, steel gray, with good fluidity
Loose density: 7.3 ~ 8.9g/cm3
Compaction density: 9.0 ~ 10.5g/cm3
Hall flow rate: ≤ 12 S / 50g
Fischer particle size: > 30 μ m

Ferrotungsten powder

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National Standard Ferrotungsten Powder is Widely Used in High-tech Industries
In today's society, the development of high-tech industries is bursting with greater vitality. More and more enterprises hope to apply for high-tech enterprises to succeed, or to transform, or to develop high-tech industrial development. It can be seen that high-tech enterprises The boom of the technology industry.


Customized Ferrotungsten Powder Should Also be Protected From Storage!
Customized ferrotungsten powder is a very important content for many industrial production enterprises. Choosing ferrotungsten powder suitable for their own processing is also of great help to improve the performance of processing and production equipment. Naturally It will be the choice of many companies.


How important is the production of ferrotungsten powder?
Ferro tungsten is a very important material in industry, and its application is very wide. It can be seen in various industrial fields such as mining, metallurgy, machinery, construction, transportation, electronics, aerospace and military industry.


What are the methods for producing ferro tungsten?
The production of ferro-tungsten is related to the production of many industries. Therefore, the quality of ferro-tungsten is also very strict. So for ferro-tungsten, what are the general production methods?

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