Qingdao hesway Industrial Co., Ltd. produces tungsten powder, tungsten carbide particles, ferrotungsten powder, alloy powder, tungsten mud fishing tackle and other products.

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Qingdao hesiway
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Intelligent manufacturing expert of high-end tungsten powder

Qingdao hesiway
Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Market Development for Ferroalloy Companies
Speaking of today's industrial production, we have to mention the use of ferroalloys. Among many industrial productions, the use of ferroalloy is one of the very important materials, especially in the current steel production.


What Factors Affect the Price of Ferroalloy?
The production of ferroalloys is an alloy material made of iron and other metals in a certain proportion. It plays a very important role in many industries, especially with the increasing application of ferroalloys in today's market.


What Do Ferroalloys Contain?
Ferroalloy is an important alloy. In a broad sense, ferroalloy refers to a product that is added to molten iron as a deoxidizer, element additive, etc. during steelmaking to make the steel have certain characteristics or meet certain requirements.


Preparation Method of Customized Ferrotungsten Powder
The preparation of customized ferrotungsten powder is a very important work; the chemical composition of ferrotungsten powder is stable, the structure is uniform and compact, the hardness is high, and it has toughness and wear resistance, so it occupies a very important position in the field of thermal spraying .

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