Qingdao hesway Industrial Co., Ltd. produces tungsten powder, tungsten carbide particles, ferrotungsten powder, alloy powder, tungsten mud fishing tackle and other products.

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Qingdao hesiway
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The use of Tungsten Carbide Powder
Tungsten carbide powder has high purity, uniform particle size and good dispersion. It is an important raw material for the production of cemented carbide.


Where are the Tungsten Carbide Particles in the field of High Wear Resistance?
Tungsten carbide particles are a kind of metal carbide powder and an alloy powder. Tungsten carbide is the main raw material for the manufacture of cemented carbide, and it is also an important raw material for the preparation of high wear-resistant coatings in the field of thermal spraying.


Application of Tungsten Carbide Powder for Spraying on Metal Surface
Metal surface processing is a very common way in the current industrial production; the reason why metal surface processing is done is to enhance its quality, such as tungsten carbide for spraying used in metal surface hardness reinforcement pink.


What Problems should be Paid Attention to in the Packaging of Metal Tungsten Carbide Powder?
The application of metal tungsten carbide powder has a very important position in the current market. In many industrial productions, the improvement of metal materials and work efficiency can be achieved by means of metal tungsten carbide powder.

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